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Casting Technologist specializing in foundry pattern making (4 apprenticeship years)

Casting Technologist specializing in foundry pattern making (4 apprenticeship years)

Bauma (Switzerland)
Posted 2 years ago

Moldmakers* manufacture molds, plastic parts and foundry patterns for various processes and applications. They design and manufacture the models manually or by machine. In doing so, they use their manual skills and abilities in a targeted manner and according to specifications. For manufacturing they use technologies such as CNC-controlled turning and milling machines. Depending on requirements, they design workpieces from scratch using a CAD system. However, they still perform a lot of manual work as well.

What we expect:

  • You must have completed the secondary school level A or B (good)
  • You enjoy physics and mathematics
  • You should have a good technical understanding
  • You should be interested in technical contexts and mechanics
  • You should complete your work in an accurate manner
  • You should have good manual skills
  • You should be good at spatial thinking
  • You should be hands-on

Vocational school:
Apprentices in casting technology attend the vocational school in Winterthur. If you are interested and have the appropriate skills, Wolfensberger supports the vocational baccalaureate, which you also obtain at the vocational school in Winterhur.

Get a taste and apply:
If you would like to get a taste or find out more in advance, please send your application or questions to our vocational trainer:

Mario Vadini

Wolfensberger AG
Bäretswilerstrasse 45
8494 Bauma
Tel.: +41 (0) 52 396 11 11

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